Success Stories

Arsenal’s relentless digital forensics uncovered evidence of sophisticated evidence tampering in a number of high-profile political trials in Turkey. Our defense team worked with a number of digital forensics firms prior to engaging Arsenal, but we were not impressed. Arsenal was meticulous and responsive in ways that other firms were not.

Dani Rodrik — Albert O. Hirschman Professor of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study

I have worked with Arsenal Consulting on quite a few cases in which their dedication to detail and comprehensive approach to computer forensics have provided us with critical evidence. Mark Spencer is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. In one instance, Mark was on a tight schedule, in an out-of-the-way location, obtaining a forensic image from an antiquated computer. Mark realized the battery on the motherboard was dead and the computer wasn't going to boot up after he left. Using MacGyver-like creativity, Mark found a replacement battery in a garage door opener and used it to "fix" the computer. Although this wasn't part of Mark's job, he left the client with a functioning computer when he was done! I highly recommend both Mark and his team at Arsenal.

Kim Sacco — Boston-based Paralegal

As a private attorney who also contracts with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I was defending a case in which a large percentage of the evidence was electronic - email, Craigslist, and Facebook messages. In order to successfully defend my client, I needed an expert in computer forensics that not only had expertise in unraveling a complex trail of electronic communications, but was also experienced in preserving evidence in accordance with Massachusetts law. Mark Spencer (Arsenal President) was great! He even created an easy-to-understand report for the District Attorney which summarized the electronic evidence and explained the scam we uncovered. I would definitely hire him again.

Catherine Gallagher — Boston-based Attorney

Arsenal adds value to a typical computer forensics investigation. They work to understand the important factual aspects of your case, applying an intense desire to uncover the details and an expertise enabling them to dig deep into the recesses of data storage devices to find helpful information. It is Arsenal's curiosity and tenacity that sets them apart. On every case Arsenal has worked on for us, they have managed to locate smoking gun evidence in a variety of places.

Mark Whitney — Attorney, Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP

I have worked with computer forensics teams on numerous white-collar matters in the past, and Mark Spencer and his team at Arsenal were unquestionably the best I have seen. Mark offers the unique combination of knowledge, tenacity, and attentiveness. His work is relentless and painstakingly accurate. In our case, Arsenal was hit with numerous complex forensic issues - foreign language searches, sifting through unallocated space, searching efficiently with little guidance of what to look for, characterizing the opposing sides' evidence in forensically accurate ways, working with classified materials, and so on. Our case was challenging for everyone involved, and without Mark, we simply could not have provided our client with the best defense. I would recommend Arsenal to anyone seeking computer forensics expertise without any hesitation.

Sejal Patel — Law Office of Sejal Patel, LLC

Arsenal Consulting's responsiveness exceeds expectations. After a late-night email requesting their help with a highly sensitive executive termination case, Mark Spencer was on the phone coordinating efforts with the client's IT person and an Arsenal team member was on-site preserving a copy of the executive's hard-drive — all within a couple of hours!

Courtney Worcester — Boston-based Attorney

Our client was faced with a very difficult situation - A long-time senior engineer had spent nine months planning to go into business with the client's competitor. He had been systematically taking proprietary information from the client and jeopardizing their long-term existence. With the assistance of Arsenal Consulting, our client proved beyond a doubt that this employee stole proprietary data in an attempt to eventually put them out of business. A lawsuit soon followed and because of Arsenal's work, we were able to obtain a more than satisfactory result soon after it began. Arsenal has their act together. They acted quickly, and surgically guided our client through the computer forensics process.

Neal Splaine — Partner, Rubin and Rudman LLP, Boston

I hired Arsenal Consulting after receiving several threatening email messages from an anonymous individual. Time was of the essence and Mark Spencer's team was able to pinpoint where these threats were coming from which led to the identification of the perpetrator himself. Had I not hired Arsenal, Mark Spencer, and his private investigators from American Investigative Services, I can only imagine the time, energy, and resources I would have expended to get my legal team the information they needed to make the threats stop. Thank you, Mark.

Nick Carey — President, Watch Hill Investments, Inc.

Mark Spencer is our "go-to" guy for any type of computer investigation, and always delivers excellent results. On a recent assignment involving disparaging comments posted on the Internet about one of our corporate clients, Mark was instrumental in working with us to pierce the veil of the poster's presumed anonymity, resulting in a positive identification of the responsible party. Arsenal Consultants and American Investigative Services have frequently joined forces to achieve successful resolution of the most challenging cases involving the preservation and analysis of electronic evidence. When it comes to computer investigations, there's no one I trust more than Mark, who is dedicated, thorough, and a pleasure to work with.

Jay Groob — President of American Investigative Services, Inc.
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I have terrific technical sources all around the world by now, including in the CIA and the FBI, but when I need help dealing with computer forensics and cyber-crime, I always turn first to Mark Spencer. His knowledge is encyclopedic, yet he's able to explain complicated concepts in a way that even I can grasp. I'd hire him in a second.

Joseph Finder — New York Times bestselling author of Vanished, Paranoia, and High Crimes
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Having Mark Spencer work on the computer-forensics side of our litigation was a great experience. Speaking with Mark, I felt much better about our chances for data recovery. Within a few days of Mark's team working on our hardware, we found exactly what we expected - and what we needed for our case. Having Mark and his team on our side was outstanding. Nothing is more important than having all of the facts uncovered and available to bolster your case. I would recommend Mark and his team to anyone.

Stephen Tomaselli — Executive at online mortgage vendor