Computer Forensic Services

Arsenal provides comprehensive computer forensic services which include identifying, preserving, analyzing, and reporting on electronic evidence using methods acceptable in courts of law.

We appreciate the volatile nature of electronic evidence and the need to identify where it exists as soon as possible. Each of our clients has a unique "Universe of Data" deserving careful consideration. A typical corporate universe includes laptops, workstations, servers, networks, backup tapes, removable storage media, cell phones, and the Cloud. If electronic evidence exists anywhere in this universe and hasn't been identified, it can't be preserved.

There are numerous threats to the integrity of electronic evidence - from intentional acts of spoliation to the unforeseen consequences of normal user activity. Our expertise and battle-tested methodologies are critical to preserving electronic evidence in ways that withstand technical and legal scrutiny. We are well-versed in dealing with electronic evidence found in particularly sensitive locations such as cell phones, live computer systems, and the Cloud.

Arsenal performs analysis of electronic evidence using a combination of commercial, open source, and internally developed tools on high-end workstations. The techniques we leverage have been refined over many years through untold hours of research, testing, and design. Using the most powerful tools and methods, we uncover smoking guns that others simply cannot.

We distill huge amounts of technical information down to a concise form that our clients can both understand and act upon effectively. We convey important findings to our clients and courts via consulting and expert reports, affidavits, and testimony given during depositions and trials. Arsenal's exceptional reporting is often used to penetrate the smoke and mirrors presented by opposing parties in adversarial situations like litigation.

Arsenal appreciates the confidential nature of computer forensics engagements and carefully observes chain-of-custody procedures and other industry best practices. We secure evidence in a fire-resistant electronic safe and employ strong encryption of our clients' data following standards meeting or exceeding those used by law-enforcement agencies and our competitors.

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Case Example of IT Gone Rogue

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Case Example of IT Gone Rogue

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